Do you screen applicants?
 Unfortunately we don’t as it will limit the number the number of many attrativce single people from registering,.


Is it just for geeks?

 Not at all. It's confusing at first but you'll hit the learning curve. Internet dating is a viable option in today's busy world. There are plenty of good looking people using the site. They may live in rural locations or have little time to go out and find a date.


How can I maximize safety?
Common sense would tell you to get to know someone before you invite them into your private email or home. When you do agree to meet with someone, make it a public place in the daytime, go in your own car, and let someone else know where you're going. 
I'm sick of men (women) who just want a brief affair. I want marriage. How can I find someone else who wants what I want?
It’s good you know what you want as many people don’t! A starting point would be to use advance search option to search other users that are also looking for the same. 
How can I be sure he's not going to play me How can I be sure she's not a criminal?
The bottom line - there are no guarantees about this or anything else in life. Unfortunately, deceptive people are good at deception and there are usually ‘tell’ tell’ signs when meeting such an individual.  Our best advice is don’t rush into meeting up and be cautious. 
How can I avoid alcoholics?
 Again only time will tell, but here's one tip. When the person does not tick the 'Non drinker' option, this is a yellow flag, not a green light. You may want to ask why they don’t drink!


What kind of questions should I ask?
 Each time you have contact with someone and it works out or doesn't, figure out the early clues and save yourself some time. You'll quickly learn that when someone asks you a certain question right-off, they're not the one for you. Their initial choices reveal a lot if you're paying attention
What else should I check for?
 Do you think someone will tell you right away that they're an alcoholic in recovery or have been divorced 3 times; maybe they will if they have a nice villa in Spain! 
What should I avoid doing?
 That you'll learn through experience, aside from the safety precautions already listed. When something goes poorly, write it down and don't do it again!